What’s Brewing In St. Louis?

100.3 The Brew Gen X GenX Radio St. Louis WSGX 94.7 KSHE 96.3 K-Hits KHits 96 Bob TomUpdate 5/23 1:05pm: Clear Channel flipped “Gen X 100.3” WSGX to Classic Rock “100.3 The Brew” at 12pm local time.

The station is launching with 6000 songs in a row and adds the syndicated Bob & Tom for mornings. First song is Twisted Sister “I Wanna Rock” followed by The Scorpions “No One Like You” and Van Halen “Jump”.

Listen to the debut of “100.3 The Brew at FormatChange.com.

Update 5/23 11:10am: Clear Channel gets retaliatory with the registrations of BrewStLouis.com, BrewSaintLouis.com, KissStLouis.com, and KissSaintLouis.com. All four domains redirect to “Gen X 100.3” WSGX with BrewStLouis.com as the now primary domain for the station. We’ll be watching these stations closely this week.

Original Report 5/20: As it approaches its 45th anniversary as a Rocker this fall, Emmis appears to be on the verge of giving 94.7 KSHE St. Louis a makeover.

Nine domains were registered by the company on Friday for use at 94.7 and to potentially block Clear Channel from using them on the low rated “Gen X 100.3” KSGX. The domains are: Brew947.com, TheBrew947.com, kshebrew.com, kshebrewcrew.com, ksherocks.com, ksherockstl.com, 100thebrew.com, 1003thebrew.com, 1003rocks.com.

Emmis controls the Rock audience in St. Louis between three of its stations. Classic Rock “K-Hits 96” KIHT currently ranks 10th in the market with a 4.0 share, KSHE is 11th, and Modern Rock “105.7 The Point” KPNT 12th. Is a revamping of KSHE the first phase of a consolidation of their Rock wall or just to prevent Clear Channel from cutting in?

Meanwhile, Clear Channel has registered Bones1077.com. While currently redirecting to the site of WMOV Norfolk, the site has the FavIcon for CHR “Z107.7” KSLZ which is a usual tell where the site will eventually go. Does this mean KHFI Austin based Bobby Bones will fill the vacant morning slot at KSLZ?

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