WEGI Rewinds Itself

Rewind 94.3 WRND-FM Clarksville 1370 WRND Fort Campbell Eagle WEGI SagaUpdate 12/26: WEGI has shifted to Adult Hits “Rewind 94.3“. Branded as ‘Amazing Variety”, the station is featuring music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

New call letters are on the way for the station as 1370 becomes WRND and 94.3 WRND-FM.

Original Report 12/22: Is Saga Classic Hits “Eagle 94.3” WEGI-FM Oak Grove, KY/Clarksville, TN/1370 WEGI Fort Cambell preparing to revamp as “Rewind 94.3“?

That’s what was posted by RadioInsight Community user ‘Manicdpressd’ earlier this week. There does appear to be some proof to his claim as Rewind943.com was registered earlier this month and there are social media accounts reserved for the brand.

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