Louie RickRolls Into St. Louis

Louie 103.7 St. Louis Rickroll Rock Woody ShowUpdate 6/19: W279AQ has ended its Rick-Roll loop and flipped to Rock “Louie 103.7” at 1pm today.

Positioned as “Man Up St. Louis”, the station is featuring core artists Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Green Day, Sick Puppies and Local H.

Update 6/16: W279AQ is now looping Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” as it prepares to launch its new format.

Clear Channel has added LouieRocks.com and 1037Louie.com to its previous domain registration of Louie1037.com. Depending on what form of Rock that depicts, it would place Louie in competition with Emmis’ trio of Rock 94.7 KSHE, Classic Rock “96.3 K-Hits” KIHT, or Active leaning Alternative “105.7 The Point” KPNT.

Original Report 6/13: Just as it just did in Minneapolis, Clear Channel is prepping a new translator launch in St. Louis.

Educational Media Foundation’s 103.7 W279AQ Mascoutah, IL has begun testing it upgrade to the Crestwood FM Tower where it will operate with 250 watts at 188 meters (Coverage Map). The translator, rebroadcasting Clear Channels KLOU-HD2, is looping songs that all have “Man” in the title. Among the songs heard were Four Seasons “Walk Like A Man”, Aloe Blacc “The Man”, and Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man”.

With Louie1037.com registered by Clear Channel yesterday, we’d expect something to flank sister Classic Hits 103.3 KLOU against Hubbard Variety Hits “106.5 The Arch” WARH.

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  1. Acheron82 says

    I think KPNT leans less active than it use to. You will still hear occasional Metallica (old Metallica) during their wayback weekends but generally speaking, they have went into more of an alternative format that is a hell of a lot less safe than the clear channel alternative stations.

  2. Matthew says

    Whatever is planned for 103.7 is being unveiled tomorrow. KLOU just posted this on their Facebook page:

    “Less than 24 hours left to get RICK ROLLED! 103.7 is still playing Rick Astley over and over again until tomorrow at 1pm and then what? ;)Sherry Farmer”

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