Alt 98.3 Nashville Debuts

Clear Channel Alt 98.3 W252CM Nashville WNRQ-HD2 John Mayer Em Zeus SlappyUpdate 8/25: After nearly a week of testing/stunting, Clear Channel launched Alternative “Alt 98.3” W252CM/105.9 WNRQ-HD2 Nashville at 5pm today.

Branded as “Nashville’s Alternative”, the stations launched with Jack White’s “Lazretto”.

John Mayer, afternoon host of sister CHR “107.5 The River” WRVW will pull double duty in morning on 98.3. Em will host middays, Zeus & Slappy The Wonder Boy in afternoons, and Battle in nights.

Update 8/21: The stunting/testing period of 98.3 W252CM Nashville continues with the loop now consisting of Cadillac Three’s “Tennessee Mojo“.

Update 8/19: 98.3 W252CM Nashville has signed-on and is currently running a loop of Rick Astley’s “Never Give You Up”.

The station will launch its permanent format of Alternative “Alt 98.3” later this week. A similar stunt was done at Clear Channel’s 103.7 in St. Louis prior to launching its format in June.

Original Report 7/24: The Alternative format will soon return to Nashville.

Clear Channel has registered and for their soon to launch 98.3 W252CM Nashville. The 250 watt at 291 meter translator will rebroadcast 105.9 WNRQ-HD2 (Coverage Map).

The Alternative format will position W252CM between Tuned-In Broadcasting AAA “Lightning 100” WRLT and Cromwell Rock “102.9 The Buzz” WBUZ. Clear Channel has launched multiple “Alt” branded Alternative Rock stations in recent months including Des Moines, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis.

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  1. Bizzle says

    Maybe CC will buy a translator in NYC and bring Alternative to it.

    1. Cory says

      Are there any available translators in NYC?

  2. Bizzle says

    There are 106.3, 95.1, 107.1, and 98.3 I believe.. I guess they could try a translator on 95.9, 97.5, 100.7, 101.5, 102.3, 104..7, 105.5, or 107.9, I thought one of those was owned by CC.

  3. Doug Smith says

    Kinda liked that song the first 4-5 times:)

    The signal was MUCH better last night. Probably up to full power. (I don’t have a FIM so can’t quantitatively measure it)

    Then, this afternoon… it was off the air altogether:)

  4. Lou Pickney says

    Worth noting: Alt 98.3 being a simulcast of WNRQ-HD2 is reason for people in the suburbs of Nashville who like alt-rock to buy an HD radio. 250 watts makes it scratchy even in the car where I live, but my desktop HD radio can pick up 105.9-HD2 just fine, which works out well when I’m at home.

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