Salt Lake City Frequency Shuffle Finally Taking Shape

Mix 107.9 105.1 KUDD Roy Salt Lake City 107.1 KEGH KALL ESPN 700 105.7 105.9 KNRS-FM Rock 106.5 106.7 KAAZThe long gestating FCC Docket 05-243 that will see stations in four states relocate to new frequencies is starting to take place.

Originally filed in July 2005 and approved by the FCC in January 2008, the docket will mainly see many stations in the Salt Lake City market upgrade and/or move to new frequencies. The first batch of moves have begun to be completed as SLC Divestiture Trust II’s 106.9 KEGH Brigham City has moved to 107.1 in Woodruff from Humpy Peak. The station is currently simulcasting Broadway Media’s “ESPN 700” KALL North Salt Lake City. That move will enable EMF Broadcasting’s 107.5 KKLV Orem to move to Kaysville from the Farnsworth Peak tower site used by many of the stations in the market and Broadway Media’s “Mix 107.9” KUDD Roy to move to Randolph from the Humpy Peak site.

Since the move of KUDD will make the signal a rimshot in the market, Broadway Media’s next plan appears to move the format to a new frequency. was registered by Broadway’s web developer earlier this month. 105.1 is currently KAUU Manti simulcasting Country “101.5 The Eagle” KEGA Oakley. KAUU has a CP to relocate to Farnsworth Peak with a COL of American Fork where it will become a full market station. That move, however, is still reliant on many other stations to move. iHeartMedia must shift 105.7 KNRS-FM Centerville to 105.9 and 106.5 KAAZ-FM Spanish Fork to 106.7. Neither of those moves even have currently active applications or Construction Permits on file with the FCC, however iHeart did register for KAAZ this summer. Other stations that must still move are 105.3 KDWY Diamondville, WY to the Humpy site on 105.5 Oakley, UT, 106.1 KBMG Evanston, WY to 106.3, and many other stations in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

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