Your Rebranding KVIL?

YourFM Your FM 103.7 KVIL Dallas Kannon Courtney Leigh AnnCBS Radio appears poised to rebrand Hot AC 103.7 KVIL Dallas in the coming weeks. was registered on Tuesday by CBS for potential use by the station. KVIL has branded mainly by its frequency and call letters since dropping its “103.7 Lite-FM” moniker in May 2013 as it began its evolution from AC to Hot AC. They recently completed the retooling of its on-air lineup with the addition of Kannon for mornings.

CBS previously held a trademark on “Your FM” prior to abandoning it in July 2006. Our research indicates that it was a potential unused brand for what became the “Free FM” Hot Talk network. In this regard it seems like a CBS counter to the plethora of “MyFM” branded stations.

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    If iHeart has “My FM” and CBS has “Your FM”, how long will it be until Cumulus has “Our FM” and Entercom has “Their FM”??



  2. only1moore says

    At least they didn’t call it “Me FM.”

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