The purpose of our message boards is to provide forums for discussion about radio (and television, where applicable). In order to ensure that the boards remain as open and as free-flowing as possible, we have instituted the following rules. Please note these rules do not supercede the Terms of Service and are providely solely as a convenience to you.

The following types of messages are not permitted (posts which violate these rules will be removed without notice to you):

1. Messages containing personal attacks, slanderous material, and similar nonsense. If you cannot contribute in a civil, mature manner, then you will not be allowed to contribute at all.

2. “Spam” or other blatant advertising is not allowed. If you wish to advertise your services contact us about our advertising rated

3. Posting of any copyrighted material is prohibited. This includes articles, images, and materials from most websites. Just post a link to the article and give a brief summary and comment.

4. Along these same lines, copying and pasting ratings from a site which has an Arbitron license is forbidden. From what we understand, it is acceptable to post rankings (i.e., WXXX is #5 12+ in Washington) as long as it is not a list. Arbitron requires websites to be news oriented in order to have a license to publish their data. When we get a news section going, we do plan on applying for such a license to post their available data here.

5. Off-topic posts. All posts should directly relate to the broadcasting industry. You wouldn’t go to Sons of Sam Horn to discuss radio so why come here to discuss President Bush’s Approval rating?

6. Generic questions should be directed to the ‘Site Questions’ forum, however direct concerns relating to moderation/administration should be handled via email with the person responsible for that section of the site. If you have a problem with a certain moderator e-mail us privately.

7. Posts across multiple boards or multiple posts on the same board are not allowed. If you want to post a “general” message — one that is on-topic but not specific to any market — please post only one of the National boards.

8. Any other postings which are deemed unacceptable by the RadioInsight Administration and/or board moderators (at our discretion).

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