Patriots Launch In Los Angeles & San Francisco

1150 The Patriot KEIB KTLK Los Angeles Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Glenn Back 640 KFI 960 KNEW San FranciscoUpdate 1/2: 1150 KTLK Los Angeles has relaunched as “1150 The Patriot” with new KEIB call letters. The KTLK calls moved to 1130 KTCN Minneapolis.

The new lineup at “The Patriot” has been finalized beyond the previously announced Glenn Beck from 6-9am, Limbaugh from 9am-12pm, and Hannity from 12-3pm. The remainder of the lineup will feature former KNBC-TV anchor Carlos Amezcua from 3-6pm, followed by some remnants from KTLK. Advice host Clark Howard from 6-10pm, NBC Sports Radio from 10pm-2am, and America In The Morning from 2-3am. Doc Thompson from Glenn Beck’s Blaze Radio Network will air from 3-6am.

Update 1/1: 960 KNEW San Francisco has completed its revamp as “960 The Patriot“.

Original Report 12/5: Clear Channel will shuffle the lineups of its talkers in Los Angeles and San Francisco on January 2 as Rush Limbaugh moves to their soon to be former Liberal Talk stations.

In Los Angeles, 1150 KTLK will flip to Conservative Talk as it adds Limbaugh from sister 640 KFI and Sean Hannity from Cumulus’ 790 KABC. Being rebranded as “The Patriot“, KTLK’s lineup will feature Glenn Beck in mornings from 6-9am, Limbaugh from 9am-12pm, Hannity from 12-3pm, with the rest of the lineup to be announced later. Losing their spots on the KTLK schedule are syndicated Liberal talkers Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes as well as local shows Diverse LA and David Cruz. Cruz will move to a weekend slot on the station.

To replace Limbaugh on KFI, the station will extend morning host Bill Handel to 6-10am and move Bill Carroll from 12-3pm to 10am-1pm. A new 1-3pm show will be announced as KFI will be locally hosted from 6am to 10pm daily.

In San Francisco, Limbaugh will move from 910 KKSF to 960 KNEW. KNEW will drop its mix of Liberal, Business, and Advice hosts to go all Conservative Talk branded as “Right Radio“. Sean Hannity will move to KNEW as well from Cumulus’ 560 KSFO, while Glenn Beck will remain in mornings.

KKSF will expand Armstrong & Getty’s morning show until 10am and move Frosty Stillwell from 12-3pm to 10am-1pm. Randi Rhodes will move from KNEW to fill the 1-3pm slot preceding Gil Gross’ local 3-7pm show.

It had previously been revealed that Limbaugh would move from Cumulus’ 770 WABC to Clear Channel’s 710 WOR New York in January.

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