KSCA and KISF Rebrand As ZonaMX

Zona MX ZonaMX 101.9 KSCA Los Angeles 103.5 KISF Las Vegas UnivisionUnivision is beginning the process of rebranding several of their Regional Mexican stations across the country.

The first move has come in Los Angeles as “La 101.9” KSCA is now identifying itself as “ZonaMX 101.9“. The prior “La 101.9” identity lasted for four and a half years, much shorter than the station’s branding as “La Nueva 101.9” from 1997 to 2011. Sister 103.5 KISF Las Vegas has also begun using the new “Zona MX” branding.

Most of Univision’s stations across multiple formats had been presenting itself just by its frequency for the past several years. The Regional Mexican stations are now in the process of returning to a brand identifier. The domain registration of ZonaMX921.com shows that 92.1 KOND Clovis/Fresno will also convert to the new branding.

Univision also registered domains for their other Regional Mexican stations. 98.5 KGBT McAllen TX will be the recipient of LaJefa985.com. The rest of the company’s Regional Mexican stations will revert to the “Que Buena” name. They include 92.7 WQBU Garden City NY, 92.9 KROM San Antonio, 94.1 KLNO Dallas, 98.9 KSOL San Francisco/99.1 KSQL San Jose, 104.3 KLQB Austin, 105.1 WOJO Chicago, 105.9 KHOT Phoenix, and 106.5 KLNV San Diego.

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