Adult Standards Returns To Los Angeles

Unforgettable 1260 KMozart KMZT Los AngelesMount Wilson FM Broadcasters will return Adult Standards to Los Angeles on Friday, August 19 as Classical “K-Mozart” 1260 KMZT Beverly Hills will become “Unforgettable 1260“.

The 1260 frequency has featured multiple iterations of Adult Standards over the years, most recently as “Retro 1260” from August 2009 until April 2011. The “Unforgettable” brand has been used by sister 1240 KNRY since March 2015.

  1. Joe says

    I cannot understand how a city like Philadelphia, which always embraced a full time Standards format cannot have one like this. I would imagine their would be more listeners than what they are going to achieve in LA. WPEN had fantastic numbers their whole tour..

    1. Charles Everett says

      What does Philadelphia have to do with Los Angeles?

  2. Ben Ditzel says

    What will happen to the HD subchannels on 105.1? The sound quality is so poor on the HD 3 of 105.1 – I hope they re-evaluate things when this flips.

    1. Michael R. says

      “Poor” quality as in mono and slightly grainy? Nothing we can do about that on an “HD3” station.

  3. radiouser says

    This is like the 7th or 8th time he is trying standards on 1260.

  4. classical fan says

    RIP Kmozart 1260. It was great to have an AM classical station, maybe the last in the country, while it lasted. They would let a major classical piece play, beginning to end, whether it was in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, and had far fewer interruptions than the nominally noncommercial KUSC which constantly interrupts the music with talking, promotions, cutesy blather and fundraisers.

    Goodbye K-Mozart.

    (NB Jim Svejda is still awesome.)

  5. ken williamson says

    Seems like they’re the “format du jour” station.

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