Rebel To Rock Ottawa

Rebel 101.7 101.9 Dawg CIDG Ottawa RockTorres Media made the flip of 101.9 CIDG-FM to Rock “Rebel 101.7” on Friday at 7, however the frequency swap with 101.7 CHIP-FM Fort-Coulonge PQ has been delayed due to technical issues on CIDG’s end.

They are treating the new format as being a preview prior to the official launch with the move to 101.7. Listen to the launch of “Rebel 101.7” on

Original Report 8/24: Torres Media Group will flip Blues/Classic Rock “101.9 Dawg-FM” CIDG-FM Ottawa ON to Rock “Rebel 101.7” at 7pm on Friday.

The format change will coincide with CIDG’s frequency change to 101.7 as part of a power upgrade from 5kW to 19.5kW. Concurrently 101.7 CHIP-FM Fort-Coulonge PQ will move to 101.9. The station’s most recently license renewal removed the requirement for CIDG to dedicate 20% of its playlist to special interest music allowing the flip to the more mainstream format. The flip will return Active Rock to Ottawa for the first time since “106.9 The Bear” CKQB flipped to CHRJump 106.9” in March 2014.

The Dawg format will be retained in an online-only variation. While hosts Patricia Lever and Geoff Winter were let go last week, the Ottawa Citizen reports that the station has already hired Darryl Kornicky and Jason ‘J-Man’ Jason Petrunik for the new format.

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  1. jimh says

    The frequency move to 101.7 also means WRCD-Canton,NY-101.5 with their (classic) rock format will no longer be audible in Ottawa, hence fewer competitors. Interesting also, the “Rebel” logo shown in this article is red/black/white, the same colour scheme The Fox-101.5 uses. Hmmm

    1. Charles Everett says

      The only Ottawa audience 101.5 The Fox had was DX geeks. That US signal barely rimshots Cornwall and Brockville.

      1. jimh says

        If one just looks at radio-locator, one could erroneously assume it doesn’t make it much past the St Lawrence River. But if you actually drive around Ottawa, their(WRCD) signal is very listenable on car radios. Guess that should be “was very listenable” now that CIDG is on 101.7.

        1. ksradiogeek says

          The Rebl logo is trying to copy The Bear’s. Also, I wouldn’t use Radio-Locator for anything anymore. is where it’s at.

          1. ksradiogeek says

            Also, Jim, how do you know that WRCD is receivable in Ottawa itself?

          2. jimh says

            Very true,KS, re radio locator. Definitely not a definitive source. The reason i know(until the move to 101.7 changes things) 101.5 The Fox is easily heard on a car Ottawa is from driving around that city many occasions

  2. Christian says has an advanced coverage map feature and its (WRCD’s) fringe signal makes it to southern parts of Ottawa (including the airport). Even with CIDG’s move to 101.7, WRCD should still be listenable on a good car radio in parts of southern Ottawa

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