Entercom Moves Wichita Talkers To New FM Homes

1330 KNSS 98.7 1240 KFH 97.5 Wichita EntercomOn Wednesday, October 12, Entercom will bring Conservative Talk 1330 KNSS Wichita KS to FM, while Sports 1240 KFH will move its FM simulcast to a new frequency.

1330 KNSS will begin simulcasting on what is now 98.7 KFH-FM Clearwater, bringing its Conservative Talk programming to the 50kW Class C2 rimshot. The Sports programming of 1240 KFH will slide down to 250 watt translator 97.5 K248CY Wichita. Both stations will retain their current programming and AM frequency.

Effective October 12th, KFH FM will move from its current frequency at 98.7 to its new translator frequency at 97.5. Only the FM dial position will change on Wichita’s most listened to Sports Radio station. Fans will still be able to hear all of their favorite sports programs beginning with ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning, followed by Sports Daily with Bruce Haertl, Jim Rome, Doug Gottlieb and The Drive with Bob and Jeff Lutz. KFH will continue to be available on the AM dial at the 1240 frequency.

This move creates a long sought FM opening for KNSS 1330, Wichita’s favorite News/Talk station. KNSS will now be broadcast on the FM signal at 98.7 while it remains on AM 1330 frequency, as well.

“We jumped on the opportunity to pick up a translator for KFH AM because this opens up the 98.7 frequency for our AM News/Talker KNSS”, stated Jackie Wise, Vice President and Market Manager at Entercom Wichita. “We’ve had numerous requests through the years to broadcast KNSS on the FM signal and now we have the opportunity to respond to our listeners’ requests and reach an available large FM audience. All of our popular KNSS 1330 AM shows, Steve and Ted in the Morning, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are now accessible for FM listeners, as well.”

“I’m excited for this to happen for both KNSS and KFH. These are both great radio stations, with many listeners,” said Tony Duesing, KFH and KNSS Program Director. “KFH is the leader in sports talk, and play-by-play. KNSS has traditionally been a strong leader in Wichita, and has provided the audience entertainment and information, as well as serving a major role in times of emergency, disaster and severe weather.”

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