KXJM Quietly Segues To Classic Hip-Hop

Jam'n Jammin 107.5 KXJM PortlandiHeartMedia Rhythmic CHR “Jam’n 107.5” KXJM Banks/Portland OR quietly dropped all of its currents and recurrents and has flipped to Classic Hip-Hop.

No changes to the name or on-air lineup accompany the change. KXJM had a Classic Hip-Hop component to its playlist since returning to the “Jam’n” name in 2014. KXJM gained a direct format competitor in August 2016 when Alpha Media debuted “We 96.3” KWEE West Linn as a current intensive Rhythmic CHR.

KXJM’s 1.8 share in the December 2016 Nielsen Audio ratings was barely ahead of KWEE’s 1.7, however KXJM had nearly double the cume.

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  1. semoochie says

    This apparently didn’t happen, at least yet. Do you have any thoughts as to when it might?

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Inside Radio pegs the changeover as having taken place during this past Sunday overnight–although it also notes a few recurrents still being played…


      1. Lance Venta says

        Which is incorrect. I was first notified of the change at the end of December based on the dropping of all currents. Was waiting to see if further changes followed before reporting. They simply rewrote my article as they’ve been doing a lot lately with format changes and looked at the log for that day.

  2. semoochie says

    Thank you for clearing that up. Between the similarities of the old and new positioners, including SOME recurrents and not recognizing the rest of the songs, I really thought there had been no change. I hope they start promoting this better soon or that 1.8 is going to start looking pretty good!

  3. Christian says

    Doesn’t look good that they’re almost losing to a station that just moved in from Bend not long ago

  4. semoochie says

    I’m a little unclear. Was there actually a format change?

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