Neil Rogers Leaves WQAM Miami

Longtime Miami radio host Neil Rogers has announced that he will be leaving his midday position at 560 WQAM and become a consultant to the station. Rogers, who had been doing his show from his personal studio in Toronto had been off the air since being suspended in late-May for cursing out station GM Joe Bell. Rogers had been with WQAM since leaving crosstown WIOD in 1997.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Neil was the best part of living in Miami. In 1998 Neil had a TV Show on WAMI, TV.

    It was great. He was great. I always got through to his radio show, and I had an

    endless supply of material for a funny on air phone conversation. He must have put

    me on 50 times or so, and only hung up on me once when I mentioned Rod Stewart,

    and of course he played his 'throwing up' sound effects, & the 'Toilet flush' too!

    Had me talk up an intro to Marvin Gaye. Very spontaneous, worked two 360 Shortcuts

    like others handled guns, especially in Miami. The only other Talk show host I have

    ever enjoyed as much was Wally George from his Radio and Hot Seat show. Neil made

    Miami great, well parts of it, ok not really, but his loathing for the Town was funny.!

  2. tigerscoggin says

    I left Miami a year ago and only got to hear him once since. When I came down in August, I tuned in and he was gone! I was sad to learn what happened. He was one of a kind, and I was an avid follower for 20 years. There will never be such a great radio voice again. I hope he emerges on the air again. God bless you (ha,ha). Sometimes listening to Neil just kept me alive for the day.

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