Bud 94.1 Orlando Officially Signs-On

Bud 94.1 W231CT Orlando WOTW-HD2 King Of RockUpdate 7/14:JVC Broadcasting has completed the upgrade of WOTW to HD, allowing for the official launch of Rock “Bud 94.1” W231CT Orlando/WOTW-HD2 Windermere FL on Thursday at 5:15pm.

JVC Broadcasting, a leading independent, locally owned radio and events company with properties and event venues in Orlando, FL, Long Island, NY, Gainesville-Ocala, FL and West Palm Beach, FL, continues to vehemently deny rumors that link them with the responsibility or liability for a new radio station in the Orlando market. The confusion continues to reign in Orlando as the station, known as “Bud 94.1 – King of Rock,” officially debuted on Thursday July 13th, 2017 at 5:15pm. The station claims it is a part of JVC Broadcasting and is airing on the HD-2 channel of JVC owned WOTW-FM (103.1 The Wolf, Orlando’s New Choice for Country Hits and Throwbacks, which finds opportunities to shamelessly plug itself in press releases for other radio stations), as well as transmitting on 94.1FM.

Shane Reeve, EVP of JVC Broadcasting, commented, “I have no comment at this time.” He further stated that he had no comment.

Bud 94.1 has long been rumored to exist, even going so far as to stream its “Rock Hard” music format on its website (ironically, Bud941.com) for the past several weeks. However, most radio industry professionals dismissed it as a hoax, practical joke, or terribly misguided head-first plunge into a shallow creek.

The reason for this industry wide skepticism seems to be the obvious recklessness of a station that would describe itself as only interested in “Beer, Boobs, and Rock.”

When asked about the station’s music and positioning decisions, JVC CEO John Caracciolo stated, “I have full confidence in the guys I’ve met a few times who said they could do this. It was obvious from the start as they had the finest collection of lawn chairs and yard flamingos I’ve ever seen. However, I also told them that if this radio station cratered, I would totally deny any part in the choices, and I’d get my revenge one day.”

Initial monitoring of the station revealed a broad mix of very, very, very, VERY hard rock hits ranging from Jimi Hendrix all the way up to Disturbed. The musical center seems to be bands with long hair and tattoos like Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N Roses and Ozzy Osbourne.

Other people associated with JVC Broadcasting also commented. Victor Canales, COO, had this to say: “I’ve told them not to get involved with that satanic music. I don’t understand what they are thinking. However, I did come up with the name of the station, the format, and logo.”

Noted radio programming derelict Len Shackelford, who claimed to have never left a job voluntarily, is rumored to be Program Director but it has not been verified if he owns any lawn chairs. When reached for comment, he denied being employed at all by anyone, but did say, “Hey, you kids, get off my lawn.”

Update 5/24: JVC Broadcasting has confirmed the pending launch of Rock “Bud 94.1“. Len Shackleford, Program Director of Country “103.1 The Wolf” WOTW Windermere, will add those duties at W231CT.

Focusing on “Beer, Boobs, and Rock,” the station is positioning itself as Very Hard Rock Hits from Jimi Hendrix to Disturbed and other core artists including Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N Roses and Ozzy Osbourne.

Original Report 5/18: JVC Media is preparing to launch Active Rock “Bud 94.1” W231CT/WOTW-HD2 Windermere FL.

Already streaming on iHeartRadio, the new format is branded as “King of Rock” with a logo that looks a little too similar to the classic Budweiser logo.

W231CT had been rebroadcasting Brazilian 810 WRSO Orlovista.

INSTANT INSIGHT: Will be interesting to see if Budweiser owner InBev sees this as too close of knock off of the Budweiser logo, especially with the “King of Rock” positioning paired with it.

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