Pair Of New Stations Debuting In Grand Junction

95.5 The Monkey 103.9 The Vault Grand Junction MBCMBC Grand Broadcasting is launching a pair of new signals in Grand Junction CO.

95.5 K238BK/100.7 KKVT-HD2 Grand Junction has launched as Oldies “95.5 The Monkey“. The translator has completed an upgrade to 99w/387m.

AAA “103.9 The Planet” will soon launch on what is now 103.7 K279CB Grand Junction/KKVT-HD3. The translator has a CP to upgrade to the same 99w/387m facilities as K238BK.

MBC acquired both translators from Edgewater Broadcasting in August 2016 for $16,650 each.

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Posted by 95.7 The Monkey on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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