Cochise Broadcasting To Surrender 10 Licenses As Part Of Consent Decree

FCC Juan Alberto Ayala Translator AbuseTed Tucker’s Cochise Broadcasting and Cochise Media Licenses has entered into a pair of Consent Decrees to settle multiple infractions and part.

Many of Cochise’s licensed stations operate for a minimum of one day per year to keep the license active and were silent the rest of the time. Nine stations will be surrendered: 90.1 KDNM Reserve NM, 90.9 KSFQ Thatcher AZ, 95.5 KFMR Ballard UT, 97.1 KTWY Shoshoni WY, 100.9 KHSK Allen NE, 101.9 KZNM Milan NM, 102.9 KXWY Hudson WY, 106.5 KWWY Shoshoni WY, and 107.9 KZLM Lewistown MT. The rest of Cochise’s licenses must be returned to the air within 90 days and cannot be off the air for more than five days or 120 hours during the coming year.

In a separate decree, Cochise also agrees to donate 101.3 KXMK Oatman/Kingman AZ and its equipment to a nonprofit that wishes to operate the station or surrender its license. KXMK has operated by Cochise’s admission for a maximum of three days since being granted its license in January 2014.

For any station that Tucker cannot find a non-profit to take the license, the FCC will attempt to find a Native American tribe to take over the license and if necessary secure waivers to help relocate the stations.

The decree also allows the 2015 sale of 102.3 KUTQ La Verne/St. George UT to Redrock Broadcasting for $375,000 to close.

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