KSFM Blows Out Airstaff

102.5 KSFM Sacramento Tony TecateWhat’s up at Entercom Rhythmic CHR 102.5 KSFM Sacramento?

APD/Morning host Tony Tecate, Music Director/midday host Bre Ruiz, afternoon host Short E, and acting PD Randy Fox have all exited the station. Only “B96” WBBM-FM Chicago morning co-host Nina Hajian, who voicetracked nights at KSFM is still listed on the station website.

Operations Manager Vince Richards told RAMP he will oversee programming until a new PD is hired and added, “Today was a difficult day, but we are pressing ahead and will be evolving KSFM back to its glory days. The format remains the same. We are looking for an entire airstaff and programming team.”

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    All Access confirmed that long-time talent Jay Budman (who had been doing weekends, most recently) is also out. Meanwhile, RAMP got an official quote from Vince Richards (the operations manager) that the format itself, though, won’t be changing.

  2. ajthedjbowen says

    I suspect that it will convert to a full fledged mainstream urban? Sacramento has Hot 103.5 but they are also a rhythmic top 40 station which has been urban as “The Bomb” in the past.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      The second part of Mr. Richards’ official quote (which solicits applications for the new airstaff and PD) specifically mentions “Rhythmic CHR” (per RAMP) or “Rhythmic/CHR” (per All Access).

      1. only1moore says

        Chances are that KSFM will pattern themselves after sister stations WZMX/Hartford, WPGC/Washington, and/or WJMH/Greensboro but stay in the Rhythmic realm.

    2. only1moore says

      KHHM has also been in a shakeup as well, thanks to the major layoffs and cuts coming Entravision.

  3. radioradio says

    Probably going Classic Hip Hop with Ed Lover on in mornings out of Chicago.
    I wonder if any of the new Q102/SF people will end up tracking a show or two.

    1. Charles Everett says

      So Entercom should blow out a long-established Rhythmic station for a gimmick format? Entercom is not even syndicating Mr. Lover.

      1. Mark says

        The “gimmick format” that. coming up on six months after its inception, is firmly in the top 5 in the beauty pageant 12+ with V103, WBBM and WTMX–and is no doubt killing in the target demos. Jammin’ Oldies never had that staying power anywhere.

      2. Nathan Obral says

        KSFM is already being blown up. With all due respect, whatever format they take up will be the result of research and not internal prejudices or spite.

    2. only1moore says

      Hardly doubt that KSFM will flip. Sacramento don’t want to be saturated with two Classic Hip-Hop outlets, plus KHYL would cream them in the ratings.

    3. ajthedjbowen says

      No! KSFM isn’t going anywhere! It may go toward an Urban station with “Hip Hop and R&B” like it promotes in its promos.

  4. ajthedjbowen says

    KSFM played Despacito earlier today. Does that mean it may switch to Spanish like WLZL “El Zol” 107.9?

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