Withers Swaps WTAO & WVZA In Southern Illinois Again

105.1 TAO Rocks 92.7 VZA WTAO WVZA Marion CarbondaleAs first reported in our 7/20 Domain Insight, Withers Broadcasting is reversing the frequency swap it made in the Marion/Carbondale IL market in 2009.

Rock “92.7 TAO Rocks” WTAO-FM Herrin and AC “105.1 VZA” WVZA Murphysboro will exchange frequencies on Wednesday, August 1 at 12pm. The move brings the WTAO-FM Rock brand back to the 105.1 frequency it called home from 1970-2009.

The original 2009 swap was made to give WVZA a stronger signal in Carbondale as it served as the flagship station for Southern Illinois University sports. The University announced earlier this month that it will move those broadcasts to Max Media CHR 101.5 WCIL-FM.

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  1. bernieyeball says

    March 16, 2019
    Just discovered this website. I realize this item about WTAO is at least 7 months old and no one will likely see my reply.
    There may have been a license for WTAO-FM in 1970 (Murphysboro IL). The station came on the air in 1972 or 73 at 104.9 FM. I know this because I remember where I was working when I first heard it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Before TAO hit the airwaves there was no, zero, nada, zilch Rock and Roll on any of the stations in the area. The closest was KSHE in St. Louis, 100 miles away that wasn’t really an option. If you wanted to hear rock in Carbondale you had to have an album collection and 8 track tapes for your car!
    The switch to 105.1 FM was made in the early 80’s. Many listeners, including me, thought they were off the air until word got out.

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