WBKE Extends New Country Battle To Morgantown

98.3 Blake-FM WBKE 1490 MorgantownLHTC Media has launched a third current based Country outlet in Morgantown WV.

1490 WBKE Fairmont launched its 98.3 W252EF translator and flipped from Talk to Country “98.3 Blake-FM“. The 250w/78m signal is operating from the tower of sister “100.9 Jack-FM” WZST Westover/Morgantown.

The station is running jockless and continues to serve as flagship for West Virginia Black Bears minor league baseball. The new format makes for the third Country outlet serving Morgantown alongside West Virginia Radio Company’s market leading 97.9 WKKW and Burbach Broadcasting’s “Froggy” trimulcast 92.7 WGIE Clarksburgh/102.7 WGYE Mannington/103.9 W280FF Morgantown.

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  1. lestalk1 says

    With the market not having a single a/c station – since the closest FM outlet went religious – it makes little to no sense for an AM/FM translator to go country. Not only would this be the third in market – but quite possibly the 6th or so able to be picked up reasonably well within Morgantown proper. Not to mention the music stops for minor league baseball. Very dumb move.

    1. ajthedjbowen says

      what about Jack FM?

  2. lestalk1 says

    Jack FM is variety hits. Not a/c. And, the standardized playlist of “Jack” they are using is the tired classic rock hit / 80s blend. How many times can one hear Hotel California, or Sweet Child O’ Mine – and yet even slightly believe the station’s claim “we play what we want.” There is definitely more of a need for a younger female skewing format, too old for VAQ, too young for classic/variety hits. Certainly more than the area’s 4th country station could garner.

    1. ajthedjbowen says

      whoops forgot about that what about 106.5 in Clarksville isn’t that AC?

  3. lestalk1 says

    Nope. The former Magic 106.5 is now Sky 106.5 – mostly 80s 90s hits with some 70s thrown in too.

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