WKGE Brings Classic Hits To Johnstown

850 101.3 WKGE Johnstown PAEdward Schober’s Zip2 has relaunched 850 WKGE/101.3 W267CM Johnstown PA as Classic Hits “101.3 WKGE“.

The station will focus on hits of the 60s through 80’s with a full-service presentation featuring ABC News and WeatherBug weather under the guidance of consultant Bob Hamilton. Schober acquired WKGE in October 2016 for $25,000 and has been rebuilding the station’s facilities since then. It has operated sporadically since the late 2000’s when Birach Broadcasting acquired then WNTJ from Forever Media.

The new format will compete against Forever Media’s Oldies “Cool 101.7” WCCL Central City.

Media company Zip2 has announced that a brand new music format has hit the airwaves in Johnstown and Western Pennsylvania at 101.3 WKGE and 850 AM.
Dubbed “favorites of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s”, the programming targets the important 35 plus adult demographic.

According to Robert J. Hamilton of Hamilton Communications, “Classic hits for Johnstown is the ticket, with a better variety of Johnstown’s greatest music along with local involvement of community projects.” Hamilton is a well known national broadcast consultant for Zip2, a New Jersey based media company, owner of the radio stations.
The stations were acquired in 2017 and have under gone extensive renovation of both the transmitting facilities and a new studio located in Lower Yoder Township. Bob Varner of Pennswood Commercial Reality, Johnstown, assisted with locating office space.

101.3 WKGE and 850 AM transmit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the worldwide services of ABC Radio News offered throughout the day, along with complete and up to date
weather announcements, utilizing the services of Weather Bug, known for pinpoint accuracy in reporting Johnstown and Western Pennsylvania forecasts.

Zip2 Executive Manager Edward Schober notes “we have rebuilt the old 850 AM station WKGE that covers Cambria and Somerset counties and paired it with a great new FM signal at 101.3 that covers Cambria very well. Our programming will feature music from Johnstown’s heydays of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s along with all the news, weather, etc. that you expect to get from a local radio station.” Schober said other on-air local show plans are being firmed up at this time.

Until the staff is in place and trained, Douglas J. Neatrour, a Johnstown native, will continue his local role as Project Manager.

Anyone with questions about advertising, employment or more may call 101.3 WKGE and 850 AM at 814-479-8600.

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  1. dudefromva says

    Sounds like WKGE is going to be a carbon copy (with the exception of national news) of Schober-owned WXVA-AM/W275BV-FM in Winchester, Virginia. WXVA’s national news provider is CBS instead of ABC. They do stream, so you can get a sense of what WKGE will sound like.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    Schober’s notes of rebuilding the old 10 tower, 10kW array also means that the CP Birach had asked for WKGE (7kw, daytime-only on 870 AM) is clearly not being used.

  3. fredstiening says

    There is a saying that it is better to get caught and beg forgiveness than to ask permission and be denied. KVSL and WONG decided last year to originate programming from an FM translator and were caught.

    I have no specific knowledge about this station but for the past three days, I have been reviewing “long dead” AM stations that have sprung back to life with an FM translator, probably with only a piece of paper for an AM station whose transmitters died years ago or the towers have been replaced with subdivisions or shopping centers – without filing an STA. People rarely complain to the FCC about an AM station going dark. FCC enforcement is reactive, not proactive.

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