LRN/Skyview To Take Over Jack-FM Distribution

JackFM Jack-FM Sparknet LRN SkyviewSparknet has come to terms with Skyview Networks and Local Radio Networks to become the exclusive network sales partner and satellite distribution provider for “Jack-FM“.

The deal will take effect on January 1, 2020 and replaces Sparknet’s long running deal with Westwood One and predecessor Dial Global that dated back to 2005. Sparknet will utilize Skyview’s satellite and LRN’s IP based distribution and their dual advertising services.

Sparknet announced today its new exclusive partnership with Skyview Networks and Local Radio Networks (LRN) for their full package of syndication services. As part of the agreement, Skyview Networks will become the exclusive network sales partner and satellite distribution provider for JackFM’s leading Adult Variety format, with its irreverent, scripted personality and “Playing What We Want”® music experience. LRN will lead the affiliate relations initiative and provide its proprietary IP-based Radio Velocity Control (RVC) automation technology and its integrated satellite distribution. The agreement between the parties will be effective January 1, 2020.

“This move will upgrade the product quality for our affiliate stations in every aspect of the JackFM listener experience. This also puts us into a partnership aligned around innovation, growth and customer service,” said Garry Wall, President of Sparknet.

Leveraging the distribution power of Skyview Networks and LRN is a strategic move that will allow JackFM to increase its already significant footprint. Powering the effort is Skyview Networks’ advanced satellite distribution platform which serves 5,700+ radio stations nationwide and LRN’s proprietary terrestrial distribution technology, which will increase the delivery options for local radio owners and operators joining the JackFM network. The partnership also brings unique integration opportunities to Skyview Networks’ advertisers that are seeking creative campaigns that connect with the loyal audiences tuned into the JackFM format.

“We are proud to offer Sparknet, in partnership with LRN, our full-service solution for syndicating and monetizing its successful and popular JackFM music format. This partnership brings together the synergies of three compelling audio companies experiencing unprecedented growth,” said Ken Thiele, CEO of Skyview Networks. “I am impressed with the leadership strategy of LRN and believe in the opportunities we bring to the industry as partners for top content creators like Sparknet.”

Earlier this year, Skyview Networks and LRN entered into a collaborative partnership. Steve Swick, CEO of LRN, stated, “The combined expertise and services of LRN and Skyview creates the most powerful 24/7 music format syndication solution for radio station owners, personalities and content creators. JackFM is a proven audience-winner and a perfect addition to LRN’s lineup of quality 24/7 music formats.”

“I had worked for a decade with Garry and the JackFM format and know firsthand the quality of the product and incredible creative energy he and his team dedicate to its production,” noted Pat Crocker, Executive Vice President of LRN. “We look forward to working with the Sparknet team to increase the already extensive footprint of the JackFM brand across the US.”

With its expanding reach and audience makeup, Skyview Networks will be pivotal in looking to build network audio sales. “We are thrilled to welcome JackFM—a diverse format that entertains and engages its listeners—to the Skyview Networks partnership portfolio,” said Jeanne-Marie Condo, EVP/GM of Skyview Networks. “In an ever-evolving audio industry, Skyview is constantly seeking opportunities to create value for our clients and JackFM offers programming solutions that are unmatched in the industry. We are proud to call them a partner and look forward to building on their success.”

Skyview Networks is based in Scottsdale, Arizona with sales offices located throughout the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta. It services advertising clients on the network and regional level.

Radio stations that would like more information on the JackFM format may contact LRN’s Pat Crocker at 720-500-3810 and Pat(at)

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