93.3 Jake-FM Debuts In Oklahoma City

Following the shift of “King Country” KKNG Oklahoma City from to 97.3 last Monday, Tyler Media’s 93.3 debuted its new format on Sunday morning. New Country “93.3 Jake-FM” replaces KKNG after a week of simulcasting. New KJKE calls are pending.

This move pits Tyler Media’s tandem of New Country KJKE and Classic Country KKNG against Clear Channel’s tandem of “101.9 The Twister” and “96.1 KXY” KXXY.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    At least they’re not calling it “Tim FM”! 😉

  2. lady says

    i really really enjoy 93.3 jake fm.
    they play really good music to get you thru the day.
    less commercials more music. i do not like ot listen to stations that have more commercials than music. hope the current format sticks.

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