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Looks like we’ve opened pandoras box here.

InsideRadio follows up by saying that Free-FM was “speculation spreading faster than a Paris Hilton home movie on the Internet late Monday”.

All-Access has the most new details stating that several of Infinity’s top programmers are involved in the company-wide effort including WFAN’s Mark Chernoff. All-Access also points out that David Lee Roth and Adam Carolla have yet to officialy sign their contracts with Infinity.

Ohio Media Watch points out the potential effects in Cleveland.

FMQB simply rewrites our original report while adding a quote from an Infinity spokesperson: “We decline to comment on rumor and speculation.”

Same from Radio & Records, which merely lists all the registered domains.

Other reports from DCRTV, who is the only one to credit us as the source, and Allan Sniffen.

I was also pointed out that Howard Stern discussed the Free-FM reports on his show this morning.

Not bad for a post I only promoted on Radio-Info‘s Philadelphia and San Diego boards.

We’ve also discovered an additional registration,, which was registered on the 13th of October. This registration is most likely for Talk/Alternative WHFS Baltimore, the only 105.7 in Infinity’s holdings.

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