104.7 The Oasis Detroit Forced Off The Air

104.7 The Oasis Smooth Jazz Detroit W284BQ Martz Radio Power WIOT Toledo FCC

The FCC has ordered Martz Communications’ Smooth Jazz “104.7 The Oasis” W284BQ Detroit off the air due to interference against Clear Channel’s WIOT Toledo, OH.

The translator, which debuted in April, had claimed that it had resolved the interference by offering smartphones with Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio app to those who had complained to the FCC about the interference. Read the whole FCC order here.

Clear Channel has been on the other side of the battle in the two other major translator interference battles this year. Apple 107.1’s 106.3 W292DV New York, which was planned to simulcast 106.7 WLTW-HD2 has been silent since May due to interference to Press Communications’ “Thunder 106” WKMK Eatontown, NJ and EMF Broadcasting’s attempt to move a few translators in Minneapolis/St. Paul simulcasting Clear Channel HD subchannels to downtown Minneapolis have been hit with objections causing delays.

The Smooth Jazz programming of The Oasis will continue for now on 107.5 WGPR-HD2 and 1047TheOasis.com.

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  1. Roger Cooper says

    In my opinion the translator licenses are being abused, especially by religious or non commercial broadcasters. In my city, I can hear the same religious programming all over the FM band. One broadcaster has several translators alone. These translators are unnecessary because the parent station has exceptional coverage, without the assistance of a translator. However from a business point of view I can see why a broadcaster would want to dominate the radio spectrum and squeeze out any competition.

    I can understand why Clear Channel is upset with W284BQ Detroit interfering with WIOT Toledo. In the City of Stillwater, Clear Channel has setup K276DZ a translator that operates on 103.1 to increase coverage of its parent station 92.1 KTBT Tulsa. 103.1 is also the home to KOFM Enid which is in direct competition with Clear Channel’s KTST and KXXY out of Oklahoma City. It would be understandable that a company would want to cover up competition especially if they could do it legally.

    My point is if Clear Channel’s WIOT Toledo cannot handle the presents of W284BQ Detroit, then KOFM Enid, should not have to put up the presents of Clear Channel’s K276DZ Stillwater. The translator licenses are being abused, the FCC should strongly evaluate every translator application that it receives. I am personally grateful for internet streaming broadcasting, where I am no longer held hostage to corporate radio.

  2. Dave says

    Any translator that gets the ax is fine by me. Make way for LPFM

    1. Lance Venta says

      If a translator can’t get approved on a given frequency due to perceived interference issues, do you think an LPFM will ever get a chance on said frequency?

  3. Thomas says

    Clear Channel is a dirty animal. They should be forced to split up, no translators should be licensed unless they are to “fill in” in down town urban areas or to fill in between mountain passes. Also broadcasters should try to keep their translator on their primary or adjacent frequency if possible. Translators should not be used to translate secondary programming.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Clear Channel is doing nothing wrong. They’re mainly playing by the rules as they currently exist.

  4. Jessica Alba says

    I support the FCC decision to shut down 104.7 The Oasis” W284BQ. Reason WIOT Toledo, OH WIOT’s protected contour does serve parts of the Detroit area, in part due to its grandfathered status.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Wow Jessica Alba is posting on RadioInsight?

      Seriously, WIOT does have protected contours in parts of the Detroit market, but NOT Detroit itself. Its protected contour goes just about through Trenton, MI. The issue was that translators are considered a secondary service to full powered stations and any interference claim needs to be rectified to the FCC’s liking.

  5. oasisrulz says

    What I cannot figure out is here in Philadelphia, WXHL was licensed a translator W246AQ in Center City, on 97.1 way back when, using a very tall tower on the PSFS building, where the old WMMR used to have its xmtr. Even though they are 10w and licenced to Collingswood (go figure) they are a real flamethrower in the market. What I do not understand is they already have a translator W278AK at route 95 and 452 in Aston 10 miles from 97.1 as the crow flies, using the Amquip crane tower and putting out 80w, this signal reaches the same area that 97.1 reaches, so why two so close. W246AQ could of been put to much better use, for instance simulcasting the old WHAT standards signal.

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