Austin Gets Comedy

Comedy 102.7 Austin 93.3 KGSR Emmis Funny Stand Up

Emmis has flipped 102.7 K274AX Austin, TX from a simulcast of AAA 93.3 KGSR to all-Comedy.

The new “Comedy 102.7” is using Donkey Comedy Network’s “24/7 Comedy“. The network has had success on Cumulus’ translator in Kansas City and on AM’s in a few other markets.

Emmis prepared the following statement on KGSR’s website about the removal of the 102.7 simulcast:

KGSR would have liked to have continued on 102.7, but our local management thought there was a unique opportunity to try something original on that frequency. They also discovered that 102.7 was not being used by very many people and that the overwhelming majority of KGSR listeners were/are using 93.3

Emmis Austin prides itself on delivering unique content and serving our communities. It thought there was a void for something like this in Austin and decided this would be a great addition to the Austin radio landscape.

The 102.7 translator covers all of Austin proper.

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  1. Roger Cooper says

    If the broadcaster wishes for listeners on translator 102.7, they should turn in their license and allow a LPFM applicant access to the frequency. Then 102.7 could properly serve the area. LPFM programming is better for the community than a “filler” format that is proposed. After all, the broadcaster said the translator was unnecessary.

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