103.7 WXKT Gainesville, GA Becomes Bulldog 103.7

Bulldog 103.7 FM Talk WXKT Gainesville North Georgia Martha Zoller Jim Rome Tim Bryant

Update 12/6: At 6am today, WXKT relaunched its Talk format as “Bulldog 103.7” restoring the moniker the station used for many years under a Rock format.

The station’s new lineup, being billed as “North Georgia’s News, Sports, and Information Station” features a news based morning show hosted by Tim Bryant from 6 to 10am. Martha Zoller, who had been hosting mornings on the old format moves to 9am to noon. At 12pm the station takes a turn towards Sports with the syndicated Jim Rome from noon to 3pm. Talk Radio Network’s “America’s Afternoon News” follows from 3 to 6pm and Yahoo! Sports Radio filling nights and weekends.

Original Report 12/4: Cox Media’s “FM Talk 103.7” WXKT Maysville/Gainesville, GA has dropped its format and is stunting with a loop of Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” interspersed with highlights of University of Georgia Football.

WXKT’s Talk format became redundant when Cox launched a simulcast of 750 WSB on 95.5 in August 2010. Both stations shared identical syndicated lineups from 10am to 7pm daily and overlapping signals. Neal Boortz, Clark Howard, and Sean Hannity will now be heard only on WSB in the area. Whereas 95.5 served Atlanta, 103.7 was focused on the Gainesville area northeast of Atlanta from a sales perspective. No word yet on the new format or launch time.

  1. Ron says

    What a shame. I live in north GA and loved 103.7. Now I have to listen to the Atlanta traffic report that means nothing to us up here in north GA. Owell, time to find a new station.

  2. Hilary says

    This is a huge loss, there is NOT the overlap as much as claimed, in that the MARK LEVIN and MICHAEL SAVAGE shows from 7PM-1AM are now GONE from the Atlanta region.
    The only workaround is to tune to 760 AM (WJR, Detrioit) or 840AM evenings for Mark Levin. They have a good signal as you get away from WSB AM Atlanta.

    What use is Sports in a campaign year so critical that it is going to either make or break our country? Tons of stations have just sports.

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