Translator Report 5/4

Radio FM HD HD2 FMX EMF Clear Channel Translator Report

Looking back at the rest of the big translator moves from April.

Hope Christian Church has been granted a CP for 106.1 W291BA Baltimore to the Television Hill towers where it will operate with 250 watts directionally. The signal will cover all of Baltimore proper and most of the northern and western suburbs of the city while protecting 106.1 WISX Philadelphia and 105.9 WMAL-FM Woodbridge, VA. Programming will come from CBS’ 105.7 WJZ-HD3.

EMF’s 91.9 W220DM Parma, OH has been granted a move to 92.7 in downtown Cleveland with 250 watts pointing to the southeast. It will rebroadcast EMF’s K-Love or Air1 programming via an HD subchannel of Clear Channel’s 98.1 WKDD.

Radio Power Inc. has applied to make the final move of 103.1 W276BH into Memphis where it will operate with 250 watts and cover the majority of the Tennessee side of the market.

Red Mountain Broadcasting’s 100.9 W265AL Tuscaloosa, AL has been granted a CP to jump from 200 to 250 watts with a directional antenna pointed directly towards the town. Currently licensed to rebroadcast 91.5 WUAL that will most likely change to a commercial station once built.

Truth Broadcastings’s 105.7 W289BD Raleigh, NC has been approved to increase from 10 to 250 watts where it will cover all of Raleigh proper. The translator will rebroadcast a subchannel of Curtis Media’s 102.9 WKIX-FM.

EMF Broadcasting has applied to boost 97.7 W249BM Newport News, VA from 13 to 75 watts. Originating station is an HD subchannel of Clear Channel’s 105.3 WVMA.

Great Eastern Radio’s 106.9 W295BL Hooksett, NH will move its transmitter to downtown Manchester where it jump from 110 to 250 watts. It is currently licensed to rebroadcast 99.5 WCRB Lowell, MA.

A pair of CTC Media’s translators in New Bern, NC have applied for upgrades. 105.9 W290CB will jump from 38 to 99 watts while continuing to rebroadcast Standards 1450 WNOS. 103.9 W280ED will jump from 38 to 250 watts while continuing to simulcast “ESPN 1490” WWNB.

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