Geraldo Goes National For Cumulus

Geraldo Rivera 77 WABC New York 790 KABC Los Angeles Cumulus Media Fox NewsCumulus Media Networks has announced that Geraldo Rivera will enter daily syndication on August 13.

Rivera, who has been hosting local 10am-12pm programs for both WABC New York and KABC Los Angeles will air live from 9am to 12pm eastern.

“When Geraldo agreed to host shows for Cumulus stations in New York and L.A. we had a hunch there’d be national substantial listener interest in his incisive and insightful style, and now we’re thrilled that with Geraldo such a success in those two markets the show will now be available across the country.” – John Dickey, Co-COO of Cumulus

Rivera will continue to appear on Fox News Channel where he hosts a sunday evening program and contributes to other shows during the week.

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  1. MattParker says

    Is this Cumulus making a move to knock off Clear Channel/Premiere in right-wing talk syndication?
    Huckabee v. Rush.
    Geraldo v. Beck.
    Who gets custody of Hannity?

  2. Joseph says

    I would think that in Providence, Cumulus’s WPRV-790 will be the likely home for Geraldo, and would pick-up the 10 A.M.-12 Noon (ET) portion of the show, replacing Bloomberg Radio business programming.

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