87.7 WLFM Cleveland To Launch With Rock Format

Crains Cleveland Business revealed today that 87.7 WLFM-LP Cleveland will debut in late July with a locally operated Rock format.

Tom Wilson, who at one time owned 850 WRMR and 102.1 WDOK in the market will operate the station under the name Murray Hill Broadcasting. Crains describes Wilson’s plan format as “a rock and entertainment talk format driven by a team of about a dozen people who will take to the streets of Cleveland and put Clevelanders on the air.” No specifics of the programming have been revealed though he is planning a late July debut for his locally originated programming.

Owned by Venture Technologies Group, WLFM-LP recently began operating on TV Channel 6 following a move from Channel 65. The WLFM calls were moved there following the lease of their TV 6/FM 87.7 operation in Chicago to Merlin Media. The station has been testing with a four song stunt loop since June 12. You can hear (and see) their test programming here.

  1. Patty Nagel says

    I just had to look this up – I had the happiest drive to work this morning – hit upon 87.7 and heard the good feelin’ Indians Fever song, then the old Cavs fight song – C’mon Cavs, then our football fight song and then the great Stanley tune ‘Our Town’. Sang all the way to work! Thanks! I’ll check you out when you get your new format – but until then it’s nice to remember the GOOD OLD DAYS of Cleveland Sports. (we’re on the cusp again!)

  2. Rick says

    Heard in Bellevue, Ohio this evening (7/23/2012). Getting out well!

  3. Eric says

    I live near I 480 and State Rd. the station is coming in very good and old radio without and antenna.

  4. Ken says

    They are continuously playing a different song every 4 to 9 seconds. I heard this on 08/27/2012 and 08/28/2012. They are very good songs from a wide range of artists and years. This is 10,000 to 17,000 songs per day! It brings back many memories from many years in an extremely short time.

    1. Nathan Obral (@myronfalwell) says

      They are looping with snippets of virtually all number one hits on the Billboard chart between 1955 and 1991. The loop lasts approx. 90 minutes or so.

      It’s a cute concept, but the recording’s quality leaves a lot to be desired. Plus the excellent montages that launched K-Hits and rebooted WCBS-FM make this pale in comparison…

  5. fiddlechick says

    It is happening again today with the snippet loops today. I’ve never heard this station before and was pleasantly surprised by this discovery today. Kinda made me mad because there were a lot of really good songs in these snippets. LOL!

  6. MIchael P says

    They went on the air yesterday with a “jockless” AAA format. I heard one commercial for Virginia Marti School of Fashion and Art, but other than that the music is commercial free.

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