WDXX Grabs Fuzion

Fuzion 100.1 Fusion 100 Dixie WDXX Selma Montgomery Alabama Crimson Tide FootballBroadsouth Communications’ Country “Dixie 100” 100.1 WDXX Selma AL dropped its format and flipped to Variety Hits “Fuzion 100” on Sunday.

The music mix is a little broader than most Variety Hits stations with the inclusion of more Country tracks. We’ve heard segues from The Four Seasons to Charlie Daniels Band and Savage Garden to Jason Aldean in our listening.

Also of note will be the amount of Sports programming on the station. Despite being 50 miles west of the city, WDXX is listed as the Montgomery affiliate for University of Alabama Football. Fuzion will also have weekly high school football broadcasts on Friday nights and in what should be an interesting mix with the music programming, the morning show will be all Sports Talk. “The Gilmore Ford Tailgate Show” with Josh Moon and Doug Amos will fill the early slot on the station.

The station has been granted a CP to increase from 50kW at 88 meters to 40kW at 148.5 meters with a tower a few miles east of Selma. Additionally it has applied for a further increase to 50kw at 150 meters that will put its serviceable signal just west of Montgomery proper.

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  1. johndavis says

    I experimented with a variety hits that would occasionally play country on the internet a couple of years ago, but could never get the music mix right. I’m curious to see if they can pull this off.

  2. Johnny Butler says

    I live on the east side of Montgomery, and I can’t even pick up the Alabama games on this station. I don’t know who, why, or how the decision was made to switch to WDXX, but it was a very poor decision.

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