Paul Finebaum Joins ESPN

Paul Finebaum ESPN Radio SEC Network 94.5 WJOX 97.3 The Zone WZNNAfter departing Cumulus’ 94.5 WJOX Birmingham and his regionally syndicated network in January, Paul Finebaum has a new home.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Finebaum will relocate to Charlotte, NC and join ESPN. At ESPN, Finebaum will host a radio show, make appearances on television College Football programming, and when it launches in 2014 have said radio show simulcast on the SEC Network.

The radio show will air separate from ESPN’s 24/7 network and will at first be regionally syndicated in the southeast. Unlike the rest of ESPN Radio’s programming, the show will be caller driven.

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  1. Charles Everett says

    Poor timing for this announcement. ESPN laid off nearly 400 employees yesterday:

  2. johndavis says

    As one of the SEC blogs put it, it’s a sign that the network won’t be boring. (see also: Big Ten Network)

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