Family Radio Stations On The Block

Family Radio Harold Camping 610 KEAR 950 WKDN San Francisco Philadelphia 106.3 WFMEHarold Camping’s Family Radio may be reaching its Judgment Day.

Two years after the failed end of the world prediction, Scott Fybush reports (Subscription Required) that the group is “moving quickly to sell off at least some of its remaining broadcast signals.” This follows the sell off of its remaining large market commercial FM signals in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore/Washington, non-commercial stations in St. Petersburg, and a few translators since the failed doomsday prophecy.

Family Radio continues to own 13 AM’s (including markets such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco), 50 FM’s, and 83 FM translators.

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  1. azradio says

    Who is brokering the sale? I am interested in one of their stations. Thanks.

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