FCC Sets LPFM Filing Window

FCC LPFM Filing Window October 15 29The long awaited filing window for new LPFM’s took another step closer to reality as the FCC revealed the dates and filing procedures for the new station applications.

The filing window will take place from October 15 until October 29, 2013. All applicants must be a nonprofit educational organization, or a Tribe or Tribally-controlled organization, or a state or local government or a non-government entity that will provide a noncommercial public safety radio service to protect the safety of life, health, or property and be required to document its eligibility. Applicants also must be “local” as that term is defined in the Commission’s Rules.

The applications will be expected to protect all FM, FM Translator, FM Booster and TV Channel 6 authorizations as well as pending applications filed prior to today and existing vacant FM allotments. Any application that fails to do so will be dismissed automatically.

All applications must be made using the newly revised FCC form 318 through the online CDBS. More information regarding the filing window can be seen here in the FCC announcement.

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