FCC Applications 6/24

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsSaga Communications has won a pair of Petitions for Reconsideration regarding translators in Columbus, OH and Ithaca, NY.

In Columbus, Wilks Communications license for 102.3 W272AT has been deleted. The translator had been silent since March 12, 2010 when it was displaced by the move-in of what is now 102.5 WWCD Baltimore, OH. The translator had a CP to relocate to 94.1, but Saga argued there would be interference to its 94.7 WSNY-FM. Because the translator stayed silent until November 10, 2011 without an STA, the FCC has ruled in Saga’s favor that W272AT’s license expired on March 13, 2011 and has been deleted.

Over in Ithaca, the grant of a modification of Lake Country Broadcasting’s 96.9 W245BL Branchport, NY to Dundee with a boost from 10 to 250 watts has been overturned. W245BL used a topographic map from 1942 to claim there was no populated spot where there would be interference with Saga’s 97.3 WYXL. Saga provided a much more recent map to counter the translator application’s claim. The CP to upgrade has been dismissed, but the license remains active.

James Ingstad’s Radio-Fargo Moorhead has applied to move recently acquired Classic Rock “107.9 The Fox” KPFX Fargo about 20 miles northward closer to the city. The move will place the station on the tower of sister 98.7 KQWB where it will operate with 100kW at 177 meters.

Four stations in Mississippi have filed contingent move applications. 95.1 WONA-FM Winona will change its city of license to Sherman where it will move its signal to cover Tupelo with a downgrade from Class C3 to A where it will operate with 2.9 kW at 113.8 meters. That move will enable the current New CP at 102.1 in Vaiden to slide to 95.1 with 6kW at 100 meters. That CP will cover the current service area of WONA-FM. Next the CP for 102.3 in Calhoun City will increase from 1.5kW at 39.8 meters to 6kw at 85.8 meters. Finally, 95.1 WKZB Marion/Meridan will slide a few miles east while changing its facilities from 26kW at 182 meters to 50kW at 105.3 meters.

Beasley has acquired a pair of Eastern North Carolina translators from Conner Media for $85,000. 95.7 W239BC Arapahoe will be used to rebroadcast 103.3 WMGV-HD2, while 101.1 W266AV Jacksonville will rebroadcast 106.5 WSFL-HD2. The latter has a CP to upgrade from 120 to 250 watts, while the sale agreement includes a clause for Beasley to apply to upgrade W239BC within the next 30 days.

Educational Media Foundation has applied for another upgrade for its 103.7 W279BT Cleveland. The translator currently has a CP to upgrade from 5 to 29 watts and now has applied to jump to the translator max of 250 watts. Licensed to rebroadcast Clear Channel’s 98.1 WKDD-HD3 Munroe Falls, the translator will likely bring EMF’s “Air 1” Christian format to Cleveland’s eastern suburbs.

On the heels of their recent application to boost 94.7 W234AZ Brighton, NY with coverage of Rochester via an HD subchannel of Entercom’s WBZA-HD3, Family Life Broadcasting has applied to upgrade 95.7 W239BF Greece, NY from 10 to 250 watts. W239BF will be used to rebroadcast an HD subchannel of Entercom’s 92.5 WBEE and likely be programmed by Entercom itself.

Sports “ESPN Central Texas” 1660 KRZI Waco, TX will return to the FM band as owner Gary Moss has acquired 99.1 K256BW from Bible Broadcasting Network for $25,000. The translator CP has applied to increase its power from 75 to 250 watts rebroadcasting KRZI. KRZI had been heard on FM via translator until March 2012.

Glory Communications has applied to shift its 95.9 W240AX Columbia, SC to 96.1. The translator rebroadcasts Gospel “Praise Radio 1470” WQXL.

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