WZUM Brings Urban Oldies To Pittsburgh

1550 WZUM 1590 WLFP Braddock Pittsburgh AM Guys Clarke IngramAM Guys LLC has returned to the former 1550 WLFP Braddock/Pittsburgh to the air with a new format and call letters.

Taking the market heritage WZUM calls from the now deleted 1590, the station has returned to the air with an Urban Oldies format. The station is completely automated, but tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that it may add DJ’s and news later. Veteran PD Clarke Ingram is currently overseeing the music programming.

AM Guys, Thomas Dehart and Stephen Zelenko, acquired the station out of receivership from the bankrupt Business Talk Radio Network in May for $14,515. WZUM operates with 1kW daytime and 4 watts at night.

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