Andrea Tantaros Sues TRN For Breach Of Contract

Andrea Tantaros TRN Lawsuit Departure Mark MastersThe drama surrounding Talk Radio Network continues as yet another host departs and filed a lawsuit against the company.

Andrea Tantaros is accusing TRN of fraud and breach of contract stating that CEO Mark Masters made multiple false statements to her. While recruiting Tantaros to replace Laura Ingraham, she alleges that Masters told her that Ingraham “was a nightmare, difficult to deal with, and an impossible and unfair negotiator and that is why Defendant TRN was planning to part ways with Ms. Ingraham and why her coveted time slot would be available,” promised to invest millions of dollars promoting Tantaro’s show, and not disclosing TRN’s lawsuit against Dial Global.

Tantaros also claims that TRN’s layoffs of much of its staff left her show without “a competent executive producer, a full-time call screener, a paid assistant, or a sound effects manager, and further, had either no guests or only decidedly ‘C-list’ quality guests, was provided with no research for the third-rate guests that were booked for the Tantaros Show, a lack of sufficient research for the topics at hand, provided with no editorial guidance, and she was expected by Defendant TRN to basically produce her own show.”

With no sales or affiliate relations staff in place she states that there is no way to build or placate affiliates and that she claims she is still owed several salary payments.

Tantaros joined TRN earlier this year to replace Laura Ingraham following her departure from the company. Michael Savage departed TRN for Cumulus in 2012 under circumstances similar to Tantaros following the victory of his own legal battle with the company.

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