John Hogan Retires; Bob Pittman Extends Contract At Clear Channel

Clear Channel John Hogan Bob Pittman Media Entertainment OutdoorJohn Hogan, Chairman/CEO of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment has announced his retirement. Hogan has been with Clear Channel since the company acquired Jacor in 1999 and has been in charge of the company’s radio holdings since 2002.

Concurrently, Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman has signed a five year extension to remain in his current position. With Hogan’s retirement, the Media/Entertainment division that includes Clear Channel’s radio holdings will report directly to Pittman and Chief Financial Officer Rich Bressler.

CC Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:CCMO), a leading global media, digital and entertainment company, announced today that Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman has extended his contract for an additional 5-year term. Pittman joined Clear Channel in November 2010 as an investor and the company’s Chairman of Media and Entertainment Platforms, became the CEO in 2011 and added the Chairman responsibilities in 2013.

Under Pittman and his team, Clear Channel has begun to leverage its position as the nation’s leading media company by reach to build new brands, products and platforms as well as new opportunities for marketing partners across all platforms. Today the company has a leadership position in radio, outdoor, digital and social, as well as in events nationally and locally with an emerging position in video and TV.

“I initially took on this role because of the one-of-a-kind assets at Clear Channel, with greater reach than any other media company in America, and its people, who have both the creativity and the drive to reinvent the company,” said Pittman. “The opportunity was irresistible — and it’s been validated by the success of the iHeartRadio digital service, which reached 20 million registered users faster than any service in the history of the Internet — as well as the transformation of Clear Channel Outdoor to a true media company that connects brands to consumers in increasingly innovative ways, from digital boards to interactive bus shelters to virtual stores connected by mobile devices. The progress we’ve made in the last two years has exceeded my expectations and I’m excited to commit to another five years with this amazing team of dedicated innovators.”

The company also announced today that John Hogan, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, is retiring. In recognition of his many contributions to Clear Channel, Hogan has been awarded the title of Chairman emeritus of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. Hogan joined Clear Channel in 1999 when the Company acquired Jacor Communications, where he was Senior Vice President of Radio. He was named Chief Operating Officer of Clear Channel Radio two years later, and became President and CEO of Clear Channel Radio in 2002. He was named as Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment in February 2012.

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment will now report directly into Pittman and Clear Channel’s President and Chief Financial Officer, Rich Bressler. William Eccleshare continues as CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor and reports to Bob Pittman.

“John Hogan has made tremendous contributions to Clear Channel during his tenure — particularly during the unprecedented economic headwinds our country, our industry and our company, faced in 2008 and 2009,” said Pittman. “He has been an excellent partner for me and for Clear Channel’s leadership as we have evolved into the only multi-platform media company with national reach and the ability to execute locally.”

Pittman continued, “As my friend and partner in Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, John has been an important element in Clear Channel’s transformation into a multiplatform media company. There is never a perfect time to make big decisions like this, but his logic was compelling and making this change at the start of a new year made sense. We thank him for his long service and the enormous positive impact he’s had on both our company and the radio industry, and we are delighted that John will remain part of the family with his title of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Chairman emeritus.”

Since 2011, Clear Channel has focused on utilizing its unique national promotional capabilities to benefit major advertising and marketing partners by enabling them to leverage Clear Channel’s entire portfolio of assets to address their individual needs. In addition, a number of new initiatives have enabled Clear Channel to become a true multiplatform media company. The company’s businesses include:

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, which reaches over 240 million people in the United States each month and includes:

— Broadcast: The country’s largest radio group, which serves 150 markets
through 840 owned radio stations such as New York’s Z100, Lite FM and
Power 105, and Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM and KFI, and includes some of the
industry’s best-known personalities, including Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran,
Steve Harvey, Tom Brokaw, Mario Lopez, Rush Limbaugh, Charlamagne, Jay
Mohr, Delilah, Sean Hannity and Bobby Bones;

— Clear Channel Digital, which develops and operates iHeartRadio, the free,
industry-leading digital radio product that combines access to all of
Clear Channel’s live broadcast and digital-only radio stations as well as
user-created Custom Stations. Clear Channel Digital also develops the
companion digital products for each radio station brand, including strong
social components with over 25 million Facebook likes for its stations,
shows and personalities;

— Media Services for the radio, media, digital, mobile and music industries,
including Total Traffic and Weather Network (TTN), the leading provider
of traffic, transit and weather information in the United States measured
by customers and audience, reaching over 170 million users each month.
TTN provides content to its affiliate partners at over 2,000 radio
stations and 200 television stations as well as on the Internet, mobile
devices and in-dash applications, and reaches more consumers and more
audience than any other traffic provider in the industry; The Katz Media
Group, the leading media representation firm in the US for radio and
television stations; and RCS, which provides scheduling and broadcast
software for radio, internet and television station in addition to
research studies that aid the media and music businesses;

— Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates 90 radio programs and services
to more than 5,000 radio affiliations and reaches the vast majority of
all radio listeners. Premiere is the number one audio content provider in
the country and features: Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob &
Tom, Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and
Billy, Sean Hannity, Elvis Duran, Jason Lewis, Randi Rhodes, Nikki Sixx,
Kane and others.
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CCO), is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, with more than 750,000 displays in over 40 countries across five continents, including 48 of the 50 largest markets in the United States. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings offers many types of displays across its global platform to meet the advertising needs of its customers. This includes new interactive products using facial recognition and mobile devices and a growing digital platform that now offers 1081 digital displays across 38 U.S. markets.

About CC Media Holdings, Inc./Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

CC Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:CCMO), the parent company of Clear Channel Communications, is one of the leading global media and entertainment companies specializing in radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, live events, and on-demand entertainment and information services for local communities and providing premier opportunities for advertisers.

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  1. MattParker says

    Bob Pittman: One of that special breed. Everything he touches turns to crap and he keeps his job, get promoted and/or gets a better job as all around him are out on the street. Bain Channel is the perfect place for him.

    1. saltydog says

      I don’t know much about Bob Pittman except that he has the corporate CEO speak down really well. I’ve noticed over a period of years that the very best people in business, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and before he died, Steve Jobs, aren’t much for CEO speak. They tend to speak in simple declarative sentences that are easy to understand.

      ““I initially took on this role because of the one-of-a-kind assets at Clear Channel, with greater reach than any other media company in America, and its people, who have both the creativity and the drive to reinvent the company,” said Pittman.

      Really? One-of-a-kind assets? Which would those be, Bob? The aging collection of AM and FM transmitters?

  2. BC says

    or maybe the one of a kind asset is the Iheart service which they had to initially promote to people as a “pandora like features” app. If you have to say you are alike your competition, then why don’t I use the real thing as opposed to the copy cat? and while on the topic of Ceo speak, every single press release begins this way “clear Channel media and entertainment, the leading company for distribution blah blah blah blah, a few sentences later, announces a brand new radio station leveraging the power of IHeart blah blah blah, a few sentences later our clients, blah blah.” Interestingly enough, a term never used in these arbitrary coach speeches, is our listeners. They don’t provide one single piece of analytics about their demographics or trends, they merely brag about some app which runs more ads then has downloads, and other cities have festivals too just not with musicians who are already bought and paid for which is why they are broadcast on the air. so is lolapaluza and the youtube awards, so going back to the previous commenters questions, what one of a kind assets are they other than those only massaging the pelvic bones of the corporate stock holders! but to back it up, wlkk recently launched alternative in buffalo, and intercom’s press release actually detailed who their intended target was, and why they believed it was that time for such a local push. These days, the press releases much like liners are templates, and Bob has the audacity to say the ads are boring?

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