Elliot In The Morning Out At WOR

710 WOR Elliott In The Morning Cancelled Mark Simone Scott ShannonAfter just a month after debuting on Clear Channel’s 710 WOR New York as its new morning show, Elliot Segal is out at the revamped Talk station.

The show, which was syndicated from sister Alternative “DC101” WWDC Washington, remains on in that market and Richmond, VA. It had begun airing on WOR on January 13. Late morning host Mark Simone was heard in the morning slot today telling listeners that he was just filling in, while Segal told listeners he wouldn’t be moving the show to New York as previously planned.

In the January PPM ratings released yesterday, WOR rose from a 1.4 share to 1.7 with the additions of Elliot, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity while Cumulus’ 770 WABC held nearly steady dropping 2.5 to 2.4 despite losing the latter two hosts.

INSTANT INSIGHT: Despite not being an obvious fit for a Conservative Talk station, how do you ditch a show after just a month?

Elliot was being used to attempt to bring younger listeners to the Talk station, although not fitting with the rest of the lineup was likely to not see those listeners stick around outside of perhaps New York Mets baseball broadcasts. The show was not promoted at all, despite the station hyping all of its other new programs in a major local TV ad campaign.

Did Clear Channel really need to see the first ratings monthly with the show to see what the entire industry expected ahead of time?

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  1. BC says

    it’s interesting how much of a relationship elliot and his parent company have had recently. when i originally saw this headline about him taking mornings, i was shocked, however within the last six months his channel was taken off IHEART radio. quite interesting indeed.

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