The Top BIlling Stations Of 2013

dio Billing BIA BIA/Kelsey Kelsey 2011 KIIS WBBM KROQ WCBS KFIBIA/Kelsey has released its annual list of the top revenue generating stations in the country.

Leading the list for the fourth straight year is Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP Washington with an estimated intake of $63.5 million, a slight drop from the $64.6 million it brought in in 2012. Mark Fratrik, SVP/Chief Economist for BIA/Kelsey explained WTOP’s success, “WTOP is morphing into a digital media company by providing access to its audience in many different ways beyond over-the-air. Their approach is serving them well and their model demonstrates that as the industry continues to adopt a multi-platform approach, it will engage audiences and sustain growth.”

The rest of the top 10 includes:

2) Clear Channel CHR 102.7 KIIS Los Angeles – $61.6 million ($56.8 million in 2012)
3) Clear Channel CHR “Z100” WHTZ New York – $51 million ($48.2 million in 2012)
4) CBS News 880 WCBS New York – $50.5 million ($47.2 million in 2012)
5) Clear Channel AC “106.7 Lite-FM” WLTW New York – $45.5 million ($43 million in 2012)
6) CBS News 1010 WINS New York – $45 million ($41.5 million in 2012)
7) Clear Channel Hot AC “104.3 My-FM” KBIG Los Angeles – $44.5 million (not in top 10 in 2012)
8) CBS Sports 660/101.9 WFAN New York – $43 million ($41 million in 2012)
9) CBS Alternative 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles – $42.8 million ($39.3 million in 2012)
10) CBS News 780 WBBM/105.9 WCFS Chicago – $42 million ($45.7 million in 2012)

Dropping out of the top ten was Clear Channel Talk 640 KFI Los Angeles, which was fifth with $46 million in 2012 billing. The station’s drop shows the difficulty in selling the Conservative Talk format, which may have played a part in the decision to shift Rush Limbaugh to sister 1150 KEIB at the beginning of the year.

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  1. sparks says

    WTOP. Two CC CHRs. Two CC ACs. Three CBS Newsers plus WFAN and KROQ. I never saw it coming!

    Very interesting that four AMs are still top 10 billers (with KFI within shouting distance as a kicker)! It is conceivable that in a possible future world with an (arguably) high digital receiver penetration, some of these monster MW signals have potential to wreak some serious havoc on FM music station ratings! A digital, CHR WABC 77 could provide a far superior coverage and advantage over WHTZ! Of course somebody would have to devise a CHR format good enough to challenge CC’s dominance of that format…

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