Cumulus Sells WNRX

99.3 WNRX Knoxville Jefferson City Sports Animal CumulusCumulus Media has sold 99.3 WNRX Jefferson City, TN to Lakeway Broadcasting for $15,000.

WNRX most recently simulcasted Sports “The Sports Animal” 990 WNML Knoxville/99.1 WNML-FM Friendsville, but has been silent since early 2013. Cumulus’ STA applications for the station stated it was not financially viable to keep operating. The station served the area due east of Knoxville.

Lakeway Broadcasting currently owns Classic Country 1480 WJFC/102.9 W275BP Jefferson City.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    I would guess that with this sale, whatever was on 102.9 will henceforth be on 99.3, with the 102.9 translator likely simulcasting a possible HD-2 subchannel of 99.3.

  2. Goin' Where? says

    Sorry. Don’t see that happening. This is small town radio Jefferson City, TN we’re talking about. If you want to offer a second format, move classic country to 99.3 exclusively, use the AM to feed that second format to the translator and save the fee to iniquity.

    1. Goin' Where? says

      And I’m sure the HD foes will get a laugh on how spell check seems to have changed iBiquity to iniquity.

  3. Christian says

    Or the new format goes on 99.3 with 1480/102.9 remaining classic country

  4. secondchoice says

    Looking back at the FCC records:

    Citadel paid $1,650,000 (Cash wire transfer) for this property (I assume it was just the station because it is the only station listed in the asset purchase agreement. Citadel might have been a “good” operator at one time but IMHO this was way too much for a class A that really doesn’t cover a sub 50 market. Of course the ABC Radio deal make this look like chump change.. If my math math is correct they sold it for less than 1% that what they paid for it.

  5. patlaw says

    Now that the station is on a new tower and are at full power, what’s their coverage like in Knoxville?

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