Panama City Getting Its Groove Back

V100 100.1 WVVE The Groove Panama City Bob Sheri John TeshMagic Broadcasting Hot AC “V100” WVVE Panama City, FL is currently stunting with a loop of Earth Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” in preparation of a format change.

The station will flip to Rhythmic Oldies “100.1 The Groove” on Thursday, April 17 focusing on Rhythmic hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

WVVE was the lowest rated in-market FM in the Fall 2013 Nielsen Audio ratings with a 2.3 share of the market. WVVE had been carrying the syndicated Bob & Sheri in mornings and John Tesh at night.

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  1. deejub says

    Re Lance’s tweet on the glitches in the Groove website, I was also puzzled by the copyright notice at the bottom: “Magic Broadcasting II, LLC to © 2013 Trustees of Dartmouth College” What’s the connection between this station in Panama City and New Hampshire’s Ivy League school?

    1. Lance Venta says

      I researched that as well when I saw it. There aren’t any connections between Magic Broadcasting and Dartmouth that I can find. What I believe happened is the company that they use to manage their websites cloned Groove’s site off of the one for Dartmouth’s 99.3 WFRD:

      A few other Intertech Media built site’s have that Dartmouth copyright as well: and among them.

      1. deejub says

        Or perhaps Dartmouth’s station holds the copyright to the design, but the web company is allowed to use it elsewhere. Anyhow, adding confusion to blanks in the content on launch day isn’t what I’d think a station would prefer.

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