Kevin Metheny Joins KGO/KSFO

810 KGO San Francisco Cumulus 560 KSFO Kevin Metheny Pig VomitCumulus News/Talk 760 WJR Detroit Program Director Kevin Metheny is transferring to San Francisco to become Operations Director of Conservative Talk 560 KSFO and News/Talk 810 KGO.

Metheny has had a long radio career including stops as Program Director at WGN Chicago, managing Clear Channel’s Cleveland cluster, and serving as Regional Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel. He’s unfortunately is best known as the Program Director of WNBC New York depicted as “Pig Vomit” in Howard Stern’s “Private Parts”.

Metheny will partially fill the void left by the departure of Steve Skenlar as Market Manager earlier this month. KGO and KSFO are among the many AM Talk stations struggling to deal with the many issues facing stations in the format. A shift to mostly News in the daytime has done nothing to help KGO’s ratings as the once market leader now hovers around a 2 share while KSFO is in the upper 1’s.

Cumulus Media announces that Kevin Metheny has been named Operations Manager of KGO and KSFO in San Francisco, effective July 14. Metheny currently serves Cumulus as Program Director of WJR in Detroit. Cumulus is engaged in a nationwide search for Metheny’s replacement at WJR.

Metheny is a career content creator whose other recent work includes the successful launch of CBS Radio’s Country KMNB, “BUZ*N @ 102.9” in the Twin Cities; Program Director of WGN, Chicago; and 13 years with Clear Channel in various roles, including Regional Vice President of Programming.

John Dickey, Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Cumulus Media, said: “Kevin Metheny’s reputation and accomplishments are unparalleled. His deep understanding of spoken-word radio and ability to work with bigger-than-life talents make him the ideal candidate to lead the legendary KGO and KSFO.”

Metheny said: “It’s been a privilege to be Program Director of WJR. Though I will miss my Michigander friends and colleagues, I look forward to returning to the Bay Area and total immersion in the challenges and opportunities at KGO and KSFO, with sincere appreciation to Randall Bloomquist, Mike McVay, and John Dickey for their confidence.”

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  1. oasisrulz says

    Is this the same Wildman that turned a great heritage signal WIBG 99 in Philly to that disaster WIZZARD 100 in the very early 70’s…

    1. Charles Everett says

      First: We can do without the name-calling.

      Second: WIBG became WZZD in 1977. That “great heritage signal” you speak of was trounced not only by WFIL but by the old WIFI.

  2. oasisrulz says

    First : Wildman is not derogatory, its a compliment in radio business, if you knew your facts, and Second : thanks for answering the original question, NOT, instead of being so sarcastic.

  3. oasisrulz says

    WIFI with its non-existent signal and compressed stereo separation, way up on potshop road was never a threat

    1. Charles Everett says

      First: Name-calling is derogatory regardless of who does it.

      Second: WIFI drove not one but two legendary AM stations out of Top 40. That is an accomplishment few stations could were able to pull off.

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