Jelli Is Killed In Roseburg

Jelli 101 I101 100.9 KSKR-FM Roseburg TBone T-BoneOne of the stations affected by the decision to shut down the Jelli social platform has beaten Jelli to the punch.

Brooke Communications CHR “Jelli 101” 100.9 KSKR-FM Roseburg, OR held an on-air funeral “to say goodbye to a special friend” at 12pm today. After killing off the Jelli platform, which as the station explains online was due to the decision made at the Jelli corporate level, the station began running an imagingless CHR presentation.

That will conclude on Friday when the station will relaunch as “I101“. Utilizing a localized voting system, the station will continue to present itself as having its playlist influenced by listeners.

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