Radio Disney To Keep Running (For Now)

Radio Disney Sell Off 1560 WQEW 640 WWJZ 1260 WMKI 590 WDWD Silent STAdinsToday was supposed to be the final day on the air for the twenty three Radio Disney stations being put up for sale by Disney.

There has been a slight change of plans as Northeast Radio Watch reports. The stations are still on the market to be divested, but will all continue operating with the current programming until the sales are consummated.

Northeast Radio Watch explains the reasons for the change in plans compared to how Disney has handled previous sell-offs.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Could Disney decide to keep the Radio Disney stations in cities (like Boston) where sister Spanish-language sports network network ESPN Deportes isn’t available, and flip those stations (including Boston’s WMKI-1260) to ESPN Deportes??

    If Disney were to decide to do that, and since I believe ESPN Deportes has the Spanish-language rights to the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series, I could see such flips coming in the next few days, certainly in-time for the Wild-Card playoff games this Tuesday (September 30th) and Wednesday (October 1st).

    Were Disney to flip WMKI and flip it to ESPN Deportes, it could also likely become the home of Spanish-language broadcasts of Boston Red Sox baseball games in the future.

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Joseph, your 100% fact-free speculation has been continually debunked and rejected over and over, and yet you still bring it up for God-knows-what.

      Everyone else knows that Disney is selling WMKI. They aren’t keeping it to run ESPN Deportes. IT IS BEING SOLD. That is a stone-cold fact.

      Get in touch with reality for once…

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