620 WSNR New York Sold

Gregory Davidzon Radio 620 WSNR Jersey City New York Blackstrap BroadcastingPeter Davidson’s Blackstrap Broadcasting is selling Russian News/Talk 620 WSNR Jersey City, NJ/New York to Gregory Davidzon’s Davidzon Radio for $12.5 million.

The latter Davidzon has brokered the daytime programming on WSNR as “Davidzon Radio” since 2003. Starting on November 1, a new Time Brokerage Agreement will give him contol of the station’s programming 24/7.

Blackstrap, who acquired WSNR and 1510 WUFC Boston from Paul Allen’s Rose City Radio in 2006, has been attempting to sell the stations for a few years now. A sale of both stations to Media America Corporation for $23,460,000 in 2011 never closed, while a controlled auction in 2012 of WSNR never led to a sale. WUFC was leased to Wallis Communications earlier this year.

Gregory Davidzon is influential in New York City politics via WSNR and his “Davidzon Weekly” Russian language newspaper.

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  1. limegrass69 says

    That’s a nice chunk of change for such a lousy signal.

    1. radioperson says

      There are an awful lot of people inside that “lousy signal”!

  2. rickb says

    Thread on “If they got $12.5 mil for this, how much will Disney get for WQEW” starting in 3…2…1.

    1. Dr. Akbar says

      If Disney is lucky, at least the same $$ because of better coverage. Howsumever, WSNR has an existing audience which means instant revenue. WQEW has no audience, so whoever buys it has to build one. Yes indeedy, time is money.

      …and the thread goes on!

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