MyFM Launches North of Toronto With Christmas Music

101.5 MyFM CKMO Orangeville My BroadcastingMy Broadcasting has launched 101.5 CKMO-FM Orangeville, ON.

The new sign-on, operating with 338 watts at 55.1 meters, is debuting with Christmas Music through Boxing Day on December 26. At that time the station will debut its permanent format as AC “101.5 MyFM” joining fourteen sister stations across the province. The station will focus on the Orangeville community as opposed to the Greater Toronto Area based 50 miles to the southeast.

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  1. maytableinc says

    Very ironic to see CIDC-FM stating to the CRTC that this will hurt their business when allowing this station to exist… Their studios are located in Toronto and they don’t have local contact numbers in Orangeville. Nothing in their station (on-air or on their site) indicate to the public that they place focus on Orangeville. Probably the only thing that can indicate that they are in Orangeville is the weaker signal in the Greater Toronto Area. Glad to finally see CRTC provide a local station that will provide local programming for this area, especially when CIDC-FM original license was given after a tornado in that area during the 80’s and the lack of information on the media lead to a lot of confusion.

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