Classic Hip-Hop Enters St. Louis

Majic 100.3 The Beat KMJM St. Louis Throwback Classic Hip-HopiHeartMedia has brought the booming Classic Hip-Hop format to St. Louis on 100.3 KMJM Bridgeton, MO.

The move replaces Urban AC “Majic 100.3” with “100.3 The Beat“. This is the second time under the “Beat” branding for the frequency. As KATZ-FM, the station was known as “100.3 The Beat” until the demise of its Urban format in 2009. This is also the end of the venerable “Majic” Urban AC brand in the market which dates back to 1979, first on 107.7 until 1997, 104.9 until 2012, and 100.3 until today.

In the October 2014 Nielsen Audio PPM Ratings, KMJM was 19th in the market with a 2.1 share, well behind Radio-One Urban Oldies “Old School 95.5” WFUN-FM’s 4.6 share for the adult Urban audience in the market.

  1. lenorisdavis says

    Here comes jammin oldies all over again!!!

    1. Alex Surge says

      You can say that again. Except instead of Jammin’ Oldies, we should call it Jammin’ Hip Hop!

  2. ksradiogeek says

    Wow…can’t believe “Majic” is gone in STL. Its been around (on a few frequencies, though) since the late 70s!

  3. shawtyblack says

    Sounds like a simple branding name change. The format isn’t exactly classic hip-hop neither. It still has a ton of old school R&B in the mix unlike the new BOOM format from Radio One that focuses on all old school hip-hop.

  4. theoutsider says

    iHeartMedia had been slowly killing the Majic brand for years. Now it is complete.

  5. JustinT says

    And the next shoe drops… WFUN is now identifying as “Old School and Today’s R&B 95.5”.

  6. theoutsider says

    And with Radio One hiring legendary Majic personality Tony Scott, it looks like they mean business.

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