Family Radio Returns To New York

Family Radio WFME Radio Disney 1560 WQEW New York Harold CampingFamily Stations restored its programming to New York City today as 1560 WQEW flipped to the Family Radio network and WFME call letters this morning. The closing of the acquisition of the station from Radio Disney restores WFME to the New York dial for the first time since Cumulus closed on 94.7 WFME Newark, NJ in January 2013.

Original Report 11/21: Radio Disney has found a buyer for 1560 WQEW New York in the late Harold Campings’ Family Radio.

For $12.95 million, Family Radio programming will return to New York City for the first time since the organization sold 94.7 WFME Newark, NJ to Cumulus for $40 million and 106.3 Mount Kisco, NY in 2013. At the time of the sale, Family made its intent known that it wished to acquire an AM station in the market.

Disney has operated WQEW since December 1998, when it began operating the station via LMA. It converted that lease to an outright purchase from The New York Times Company in 2007 for $40 million.

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  1. Brammy says

    Will they keep 106.3 FM or sell it?

  2. limegrass69 says

    On the surface, it looks like a good price and good use for the frequency.

  3. Alex Surge says

    I predicted this would happen as soon as WQEW went up for sale. My prediction was right.

  4. radioperson says

    Will they rename the station WFME to match the long time equity of their original New York station?

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Renaming 1560 as WFME is a given. They restored the WKDN calls on the former WPEN 950, and are usually very protective with their callsigns.

      I’m curious as to if Family Radio keeps 106.3 to fill whatever coverage holes exist with 1560’s signal in that part of the market.

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