Michael Savage Renews With Cumulus; Broadens Talk Scope

Michael Savage Nation Unprotected Talk Cumulus Media Westwood OneMichael Savage has agreed to a contract extension with Cumulus Media/Westwood One.

The renewal centers along Savage broadening his “Savage Nation” program, which airs live 3-6pm Eastern/12-3pm Pacific, away from just a political base. Calling it “Unprotected Talk”, Savage will expand his program to what Westwood One describes as “topical current events and lifestyle issues – with politics of course remaining an important part of the show.” Potential topics listed include health, science, religion and culture.

– Westwood One announces the renewal of Savage’s popular thought-provoking nationally broadcast radio show The Savage Nation®. Savage is ushering in a new era of talk radio with his groundbreaking “Unprotected Talk” format that he will use to interact with listeners on topical current events and lifestyle issues – with politics of course remaining an important part of the show. Savage is challenging the talk radio industry with his one-of-a-kind program by combining timely political content with the real-life issues that his millions of listeners are talking about every day including topics such as health, science, religion, culture and more.

Savage has also announced an unprecedented $100,000 scholarship fund for conservative college students, which will grant five recipients two-year awards totaling $10,000 annually. The scholarship winners will be selected through an essay contest opening January 15 entitled “What Does It Mean to Be an American?” with the intention of promoting traditional American values.

“I am uniquely positioned to discuss a wide range of topics while maintaining an authentic, unapologetic voice because of my academic background. While others focus on Obamacare, I discuss health issues,” Savage said. “I’m not shying away from politics and I’m not running for office like others in the media. Cumulus has allowed me to expand my reach, but my goal has remained the same – to deliver the best, most comprehensive commentary on radio and edutain the world in the process. With my new scholarship fund I can now help inspire the next generation by encouraging education and conservative values.”

“We are thrilled to continue this long-standing relationship with Michael and look forward to the continued success of the show,” said John Dickey, Executive Vice President of Content and Programming. “Michael has maintained his position as not just a trusted voice in radio, but as a cultural icon.”

Originally developed in 1994, The Savage Nation® has risen in popularity over the past two decades, evolving from strictly political discussion to commentary on news and other hot topics. Savage has coupled his unique perspective with a dynamic storytelling ability, forming a listener base of millions around the country. The three-hour long daily program has become one of the most-listened-to talk radio shows and a top streaming show online. More than 200 stations across the nation syndicate the show during the drivetime slot, including 60 stations owned and operated by Cumulus Media.

In addition to his hosting duties, Savage has authored more than 20 books, including six New York Times bestsellers. Most recently, his book “Stop the Coming Civil War” (Hachette) has been on the New York Times best-seller list for five weeks and he will release his third novel in the Jack Hatfield series later this spring, “Countdown to Mecca” (St. Martin’s Press). He was awarded the coveted Freedom of Speech Award by Talkers Magazine in 2007 and earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

For the rules and regulations of the scholarship contest, please visit: http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/

  1. airplane777 says

    That’s awesome!!! I rather hear Savage reruns than Mark Levin live. Also 740 KVOR really needs to stream with a MP3 format so I can listen to my home station in CO. Springs!

    1. anonymouscoward says

      “I rather hear Savage reruns than Mark Levin live.”

      Can’t stand neither but if I had to pick I’d go with Savage out of him at least being interesting.

      At least Savage’s brand of “Blah blah liberals are evil blah blah.” is interesting to listen to personally when I’m bored as all ($*%.

  2. radioperson says


    Another cranky old white guy in his 70s with such pearls of wisdom as “I hope you die and get AIDS”, “nearly every child with autism is a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out,” and described the Manhattan choke hold protesters as “mostly college girls on the street in between ingesting massive amounts of drugs and having sex in their dorm rooms”.

    What next? “You kids get off my lawn”?

    And everyone wonders why the ratings on talk radio are tanking.

  3. airplane777 says

    Actually Stations with Michael Savage are doing quiet well.

    1. Charles Everett says

      Source, please! Savage is still seen as Right-Wing Radio.

    2. Bongwater says

      Savage, Limbaugh and their ilk are DONE. They don’t belong on the air, they belong in a nursing home on a Thorozine drip.

    3. radioperson says

      “Actually Stations with Michael Savage are doing quiet well.”

      According to who?

      Look: Partisan talk radio is dying all over the country, for these reasons:

      1) There are relatively few younger demos being added to replace the aging demos of the programs. These shows are now primarily 60+ male attractions.

      2) More and more people are realizing that BOTH parties and BOTH conservatives AND liberals have screwed up this country in their own ways, and to sit and listen to a constant barrage of “it is all ONE party’s or one ideology’s fault”, “the other party/ideology is morally bankrupt”, blah blah blah, presented with cutesy bumper sticker phrases repeated over and over and over again reeks of agenda agenda agenda.

      Affirmation talk radio is dead. Stick a fork in it.

      Again, I would like to see these wonderful Savage ratings you talk about.

      And don’t tell me about being at or near the top in 6+. It does no good if the audience is all over 65!

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